CryoStride Instructions

The CryoStride boot is shipped fully assembled. To prepare the boot for use, remove the boot from the packaging and follow these individual steps.

How to Use Cryostride Video

Step 1

Unzip the zipper and invert the outer portion of the boot.

Step 2

Open velcro on the inner slipper and inner sleeve.

Step 3

Place inner slipper over the elevated hoof.

Step 4

Secure inner slipper to the hoof by closing velcro across the heel bulbs. To assure proper alignment, the back seam should of the outer boot be centered in between the heel bulbs.

Step 5

Turn boot right side out starting at the front of the foot. Allow the weight of the foot to assist by pulling the boot up while the horse places the foot down.

Step 6

Secure the inner neoprene sleeve around the cannon bone with snug but comfortable pressure.

Step 7

Apply ice to Cryostride boot filling the area around the foot and the additional area above.

Step 8

Additional ice can be added as the zipper is partially closed. Then close the zipper to the top.

Step 9

After the boot is initially filled and the horse moves about, the ice will settle and additional ice can be added immediately if desired. Refill ice as needed; approximately every 2 hours. 

Step 10

To Remove, simply unzip and open the velco from the inner sleeve.  Invert the outer boot and open the velcro from the inner slipper as you pull the entire boot off.