Leading Players

Meet some of the horses that have helped bring you Cryostride Ice Boots

Bravo - Our endlessly patient model from day one.  He fortunately does not need them for therapy, but was tolerate of our building prototypes around his feet, and spent many hours standing in ice while we tested the first samples.  In his spare time, he is a dressage superstar.

Tucker - You will see his beautiful white socks in many photos.  He took over modeling when we realized that Bravo's black legs did not photograph well.  As a bonus, we noticed that his navicular foot pain improved greatly after modeling and participating in our temperature testing.

Valerie - Val boards here on our farm, and had a few days of colic and fever.  She has a history of laminitis so we kept her in Cryostrides, and she helped up us collect some of out temperature data.  She came through with flying colors and happy feet.

Komedie - Another retiree that lives on the farm and had a touch of laminitis when the grass was rich and the ground was hard.  A few days in our Cryostride boots, and she never looked back.

Hagyard Hospital Horses - many hospital patients put our Cryostride boots through rigorous use.  We are grateful to them all and especially the techs and doctors at the McGee Medical Center for their  constructive feedback which led to amazing improvements to the design.

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Ice Smarter with CryoStride
Ice boots developed specifically to ice horses feet anytime and anyplace

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